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Between the Affordable Health Care Act and the drive to provide quality, value-based cancer care, the pressures on oncology practices are mounting.

The Practical Guide to Building Value is designed to help you provide expert cancer care by being more productive, more profitable and by reducing stress for you and your staff. This guide also highlights the importance of standardizing processes so that your staff members clearly understand their specific roles and responsibilities.

The Practical Guide to Building Value offers:

  • Eight self-guided training modules
  • Training that empowers your staff by creating more autonomy within your physician-led care team
  • Improved physician and staff efficiency
  • The ability to provide great patient service in this rapidly changing environment

The Layout of This Module

We're here to help you define value and demonstrate results. We'll show you how to transform your practice into a value-based provider of cancer care.

Throughout this introduction, we'll take a broad look at the overall landscape and the challenges facing oncology practices in the United States today. Then we'll show you how the eight modules of the Practical Guide to Building Value will provide you with the tools you need to compete and excel in the coming years.

Use this Practical Guide as a compass as you work through the modules. It's been designed so you can use them:

  • At your own pace
  • In any order that makes sense to you
  • With expert advice, processes, and documentation

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